Ganache Media

Our latest venture, Ganache Media, is now loose upon the world. Ganache Media’s first offering is Shorescapes of Southern British Columbia, a visual exploration of the natural beauty found along the shorelines of British Columbia’s southern west coast.

Shorescapes of Southern British Columbia

2 Responses to Ganache Media

  1. Hi Kat,

    I just stumbled across your web site. I love your images of B.C.. I need to get back sometime soon.

    When were you at Pixar? I think it was Finding Nemo era so maybe you had left before I did my big B.C. adventure.

    I spent the summer of 2006 with my family wandering between the San Juans and Blackfish Sound. The trip of a lifetime.

    You should come back to Pixar for a visit some time. We’d love to see you.


  2. Hey Chris, great to hear from you. I left Pixar in 2002. I’m not in the Bay Area very often these days, but if I get a chance to travel I will look you up! Next time you’re in the area let me know and I can show you the boat. We’ve been doing upgrades :-)

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