We are S/V Ganache on the web. Our crew consists of Katrina Archer, Guylain Roy MacHabée, Diesel the boat cat, and Indy the boat dog.

S/V Ganache is a Liberty 458 cutter rigged sailing vessel.

Here you’ll find personal profiles of the crew, as well as an in depth look at Ganache and our various ongoing maintenance projects. There’s also a look at past incarnations of Ganache and her crew.

We can be contacted at info [- at -] ganache [- dot -] ca

We do respond to comments but sometimes it takes a couple of months :-)

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  1. Hello, saw your website. Great stuff. My wife and boys and I live in Seattle. Am interested in SV Liberty 458. Don’t wish to impose, but would it be possible for me to visit you in Vancouver to see your boat? I hope so. Thank you.

    Mark Wallace
    Seattle, WA
    206 781 2238

  2. Marcia and Bruce Hummel

    Do you know where we can find a Liberty458? We were really sold on the CSY’s (44 ft walkthru) but they seem hard to find. We love to talk with you via email or phone (574 272 4743)

    • Marcia and Bruce

      I noticed that you replaced the teak deck “seam”. Some owners replaced the entire deck due to leaks. When purchasing a Liberty how does one tell if the decks have leaked and caused deck core damage?


      • We sort of “assumed” ours were OK. Mostly by walking around and not feeling any squishiness or flexing underfoot. To completely assure yourselves of no core damage, you’d have to consult a surveyor.

        What we’ve found is that the area around the deck prisms is the most prone to leakage, and when we resealed those we dug out some balsa and replaced with epoxy.

  3. @Mark – Ours is not for sale at the moment. Co-ordinating a visit “just to see” might be tricky.

    @Marcia & Bruce – they come up for sale on YachtWorld and other listings every few years. There is an owners group that notifies of pending sales, on Yahoo. Since there were only 30 or so built, one has to be patient.

  4. Marcia and Bruce

    Is there any way to tell if teak decks are good? Or cored decks are good under the teak?

  5. We are so excited! Have found and purchased a Liberty 458. Thanks for all your advice

  6. Just purchased a Liberty 1986. Noticed you replaced 2 bilge pumps (refit). We need to put a second bilge pump for high water but bilge area seems tight. Any ideas?

    • Congrats!

      We have a primary pump in the bottom of the bilge well, and a secondary pump whose float is about 18″ above the first, which kicks in under emergency situations. We use magnetic, not paddle floats, as they’re more reliable and shouldn’t get jammed. The pumps empty via different through-hulls as well, just in case one should get plugged.

      If you haven’t already, I suggest joining the Yahoo group as there are plenty of members with 458s there who might provide additional suggestions.

  7. We have sent Nightide down to Vancouver, from Yellowknife.

    Our next purchase is rigging and new sails.

    Would or could you give us advice on sails and sizes?


  8. Hi Ian,

    I can’t give you much advice about sizes. Our rigging and sails are original (and need replacing, but we haven’t looked into what’s needed yet). Blackline Marine (blacklinemarine.com) on Vancouver Island have a good rep, Protech (pro-tech.bc.ca) in North Vancouver and Ocean Rigging & Hydraulics in Steveston (oceanrigging.com) are also reputable.

  9. Hi Katrina and Guy
    I am Suzy Carmody on board SV Distant Drummer, a Liberty 458. I am collecting information on all the Libertys I can find and I wondered if you still own SV Ganache or if you have sold her.
    I would be grateful for any information you have on her or other Libertys you might be aware of.
    Best wishes

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