Witman Manor Kittens

Here are kittens from two separate litters from the Witman Manor Maine Coon Cattery. The red/cameo litter is two and a half weeks old. The silver litter is about 6 days old.

Here are the red kittens and two kittens that are reserved by one of my colleagues.

Here’s a closer look at the silver kittens and their mother, Tessa.

Here’s Mozart, a silver classic tabby at Witman Manor. He’s not the daddy of anybody above.

And here’s a cat named Ashti

5 Responses to Witman Manor Kittens

  1. Daniel Gallegos-Witman Manor

    Hello Friends,

    I am in San Diego now and would like to keep contact. I am looking to get Witman Manor set up here.
    Please call I would like to hear how you and the Maine Coons are doing.
    Best Regards,

    Daniel Gallegos III

    • Hello Dan,

      We have two treasured boys; Mack and Captain “Jack” Sparrow from Shirley and Joe’s last litter born 5/5/2007. Mack and Jack are brothers to Ashti and we are so sad to hear of her passing. I was actually doing a search for their mom, Tabbypatch Shirley Temple and found this posting. Mack and Jack are amazing and we cannot imagine our lives without them. They are kings of our castle and we adore them. We think about Georgette often especially since she saved Jack’s life when he was a baby. Jack is very special because of her devotion to him. Our thoughts are with you Dan and hope you are well.

  2. Phyllis Costa

    Hi Dan

    I have two kids from Rockefeller. I am having a herd time keeping a home and need help in a place to keep them for a short time can you recommend a place for them? I need help.
    You can call me at 408-891-3680
    Thank you

  3. Phyllis, you should probably call Dan directly as I’m unsure if he will check in here regularly.

  4. Hi,
    We are the people who took Ashti in her retirement several years ago. We moved to Maine in 2007. I’m sad to say that Ashti (whom we renamed Roxy) passed away from kidney disease on July 4, 2013. She loved her life with us in Maine, and was very happy watching the deer, turkey, and other wildlife that paraded across our lawn and out of the forest. She was a wonderful cat. We’re happy to have her niece with us, by Roxy’s brother Rocky. We keep Georgette in our hearts and prayers–you too, Dan!

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